I borrowed a book called “Sensitive Is The New Strong” over the weekend. While reading the book, I had something I wanted to tell my first daughter, so I talked to her. And when I told my youngest to brush his teeth, I said “sending a signal” while making him feel the energy from my palm on his head. Seeing this, my wife was startled and asked me if I had taken my medication properly. She said that my actions were exactly the same as when I was manic.

Come to think of it, it seems that when I read books about spirituality, something inside me is stimulated and I tend to become manic. It was the same when I read “Conversations with God” and “Reality Transurfing” in the past.

I didn’t think I was manic and thought my wife was overreacting, but that night my head kept spinning and I couldn’t sleep well. It could have been a symptom of mania, or it could have been because I was worried. In any case, it was clear that this situation was a crisis.

After worrying about what to do for two days, My excited mind calmed down and I felt better again. I also slept well. For now, I have classified the behaviors I exhibited during mania into three levels based on the severity of the mania. I need to be more careful about my behavior so that people around me don’t get surprised.

The important thing is to find out the cause, but I don’t know it yet.






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