If you really love me

My wife often falls asleep very early in the evening.

Yesterday, she also fell asleep very early.

I need my wife to check when I take my medication, but she kept sleeping, so I didn’t wake her up and just took it.

I hesitated for a moment, tempted to say I had taken the medication when I actually hadn’t, but I decided that it was better to be honest, so I said I took the medication.

3:00 AM.

My wife woke me up to take my medication.

I woke up at 3:00 AM and couldn’t sleep until morning.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for calming down mania, but she woke me up to take my medication.

My wife’s fear clouded her judgment.

I told her I wished she had thought about what was more important.

She said she hesitated a lot about whether to wake me up or not and then started to cry.

Maybe she couldn’t find the medicine bag in the trash can.

I guess she was worried that if I didn’t take my medication, my mania would get worse.

It seemed like she was in a state of panic, not just worried.

I hugged my sobbing wife.

After the conversation, I was about to go back to sleep, but I turned around and told my wife that I loved her.






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