On Saturday morning, my wife asked me if I was taking my medication properly, and I honestly told her that I wasn’t.

I had been gradually reducing my medication for about a month, and it had been about two weeks since I stopped taking it altogether.

She asked me because my behavior had changed and I was doing things I didn’t usually do.

She said she couldn’t live with me if I didn’t take my medication and asked for a divorce.

On Sunday morning, I explained to her what I had been thinking and why I had stopped taking my medication.

People, including my wife, generally think of stopping taking medication as just a symptom of mania.

I explained to her that it’s not just a symptom and living with the medication is really hard and I am trying to stop it carefully.

She didn’t seem to fully understand, but she softened her stance a bit.

In the afternoon, my mom, older sister, and younger brother came to my house and we talked for a long time.

I believe that bipolar disorder can be completely cured and that I can live without medication

My sister said that my idea is a delusion.

I didn’t try to persuade her because I thought it would require a lot of talking and that might make her think my mania was getting worse.

For now, the commotion has settled down with me agreeing to start taking my medication again.

However, I am still practicing managing my condition, so even thought things seems normal to me, there are parts that seem strange to others.

Therefore, communication is necessary.






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