Last year, I also stopped taking my medication arbitrarily and ended up being hospitalized.

The reason I failed last year was because I followed my delusions.

Many spirituality-related content teaches you to follow your heart.

I couldn’t distinguish between the true voice of my heart and delusion and I unconditionally followed whatever thoughts came to my mind.

That way, life was easy and enjoyable.

I was the center of the world and the world revolved around me.

However, as the gap between my thoughts and reality widened, incidents occurred.

My strange words and actions made those around me uncomfortable, and I eventually ended up quitting my job.

Delusions are similar to the hallucinations experienced with ChatGPT, which is a current hot topic.

In my head, it seems like a perfectly reasonable story.

However, it doesn’t match reality.

I need a way to distinguish between the true voice of my heart and the delusions in my head.






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