The feeling of being medicated

I started taking my medication again, and I can feel the side effects starting to kick in.

This morning, I had some rice cake, and when I tried to pick it up with my hands, they were shaking.

It’s so frustrating.

I started to feel sleepy again a work, just like before.

I was so sleepy at work that I tried drinking coffee and taking a cold shower in the morning,

But it didn’t work so I started to reduce the amount of medicine I was taking.

But my wife thinks I’m just a pathetic person making excuses because there’s nothing fun to do.

I put a lot of effort into creating a new blog.

But there are no users yet.

Yesterday, I was excited because I earned $0.02 from one user.

But today I realized that the user was me.

I’m starting to wonder if this will work out.

This is a symptom of depression.

I need to observe my depression more closely this time.






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