My sister and brother came to visit me again last night.

It was because I didn’t keep my promise to take the prescribed amount of medication.

I didn’t tell them the exact dosage when we talked last time.

I wanted to take less medicine, so I skipped one pill.

Reducing my medication is an important issue for me, even to the point of breaking my promise.

My sister said that breaking my promise is also a symptom of mania.

She said that I should be hospitalized because I can’t keep my promises on my own.

She said that if I don’t voluntarily admit myself, she will have me forcibly admitted.

We talked about the same thing for a long time.

I tried not to talk too much because the more I talked, the more they thought I was manic.

I really didn’t want to be hospitalized, so I kept saying no,

But I hated the idea of being forced in even more, so I eventually decided to admit myself.

I hated it at first, but when I woke up this morning, I thought it might be okay.

I’m thinking of writing while I’m there.

It’s a short story about my father.

I’m excited to try something new, so I took my medicine but I’m not sleepy.

Seeing me like this, those around me say that my mania is worsening and the medication might not be as effective anymore.






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