I tried to spend the weekend as quietly as possible.

I tried to avoid things that might worsen my mania or things I did when I was manic.

For example, writing or reading books about spirituality.

On Saturday afternoon, I was going to go swimming with my youngest son.

We went to the gym, but they said the entrance was closed, so we went for a walk instead.

Maybe because we only went for a walk, my youngest son said he wanted to go hiking the next day.

On Sunday morning, we went hiking as planned.

My wife came with us too.

It was a bit difficult because my youngest son said he was tired halfway up, but we were able to reach the top safely.

On the way down, my youngest son grumbled that the stairs were hard.

I was tired from hiking for the first time in a long time.

I had lunch and took a nap.

That’s how the quiet weekend passed.






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