Seeing a doctor

I went to the hospital for my scheduled appointment on Monday morning.

My sister and brother came again.

The doctor had changed, so I had to explain everything again.

I thought I had calmed down over the weekend.

But my sister said she didn’t see much difference.

The doctor increased my medication significantly.

The doctor recommended an injection, but I refused.

The effects would last for a few weeks, but if there were any side effects, they would last for a few weeks too.

I had an argument with my sister about getting the injection.

I got emotional.

My sister probably thought my condition wasn’t getting better.

It’s always like this.

When I talk to my sister, I get excited and then she thinks my mania is getting worse.

Isn’t there any way to get out of this endless loop?






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  1. Spitt Avatar

    >Isn’t there any way to get out of this endless loop?

    If you’re talking about the doctors, then …maybe? I learned to make ‘my’ appointments (not bipolar) at the end of the day, so I could take all the time I needed. I tend to be a bit anal about my health, and will write down what I need to talk to the doctor about. Perhaps you could do similar?

    As for your up/downs/sister … well, that could be a doozy to tackle. Eventually, your ups and downs do peter out to a normal. Just steer clear of any non-prescribed meds and herbs. When you do peter out to the point where everything is static, then your sister will see your norm, and at that point won’t just tell you, that you’re manic. But remember… those herbs everyone is so fond of these days, will actually interfere with your meds. You could think that you’re always mellow on or off the non-prescribed stuff if you’re taking it. When in fact, your depressions will be more severe, and your manic episodes funkier.

    1. tobwithu Avatar

      Thank you for your comment.

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