Living the carefree life

The fact that my writing has become sparse is evidence that my mood is sinking.

When my mania is severe, the things I want to write about spring to mind.

Right now, it’s quiet.

I don’t particularly have anything I want to write about.

I’m just writing to record my current state.

I’m taking the prescribed medications properly.

I thought I would really struggle with the increased dosage, but besides feeling drowsy in the mornings and a bit dizzy, it’s been okay.

I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

My sister sent me a video link to learn more about injectable medications.

But I won’t get the injection. It could cause very inconvenient side effects.

I’d also like to reduce my medication a bit, but I’ll have to see about that tomorrow.

In any case, I’ve gotten through this week without any major issues.






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